Spring Roundup April 29th & 30th, 2023

WIN CORNBREADS $100 BILL with a twist- April 29th & 30th & Much More

Here is what’s going on this year for what you know as Spring Roundup. This shoot will consist of two days, the Saturday long range and the 6 stage Sunday shoot- the long range will have a twist this year.

The Free State Rangers appreciate all of you who come out and support us and we do our best to make your day fun!!

Main Match:

Come out on Sunday April 30th and try to win Cornbread $100 bill!! This is not for the faint of heart and will be challenging so I am looking for tough cowboys and cowgirls who love to have their shooting abilities put to the test! This is all designed to be fun and a little different than some of you may have shot before.

Heckling and side bets with your friends are strongly encouraged just not while anyone is shooting or on the line, let’s keep that part fair. No pre-registration required for the main match.

Win Cornbread’s $100 bill will consist of 6 grueling and challenging stages in order to win his $100 bill. You have to shoot the 6 stages clean without any timer operator help, you are on your own after the stage has been read, kind of old-school you might say.

You need to bring your A game because he plans on keeping his money.

Remember there will be no TO coaching once the timer has started (to be considered a clean match) so it’s up to you to shoot the stages correctly.

You’re more than welcome to come down early in the week to camp, shoot the long-range on Saturday April 29th (details below) and then shoot the 6 stages on Sunday April 30th. There will be no awards (maybe a train wreck) and no food available at the range, just the opportunity to win his money.

For the main match, safety meeting will be at 9:30 am with shooting starting at 10:00 am. 6 challenging stages will be ready for you to shoot them clean!! In the event we have more than one clean shooter the winner will be the one with the fastest time. Cornbread will be going over the stages briefly at the meeting along with the rules of the shoot. 

Long Range Side Match:

On Saturday April 29th Reuben will be donating $100 to the shooter who wins the bucket challenge after the long range side matches are complete.

We about fainted at his offer to donate $100 of his hard earned $$, we all know how tight Reuben is, he won’t even spring for a lunch with me!! If you plan on shooting the long range side matches, please contact Reuben so he can get you on the list of shooters. ggpolley1@gmail.com or 913-206-1644.

Chance to win Reuben’s $100.00 at the rifle range rules:

Bucket challenge after the long range side match complete

·       Bucket size target

·       Any SASS approved rifle


·       Distance announced at the start of the match.

·       Draw numbers to determine shooting order.

Each shooter gets one shot, if more than one hit the target, sudden death to determine the winner!!

If no one hits the target a second round will commence!

This is Reuben and Cornbread’s money they are donating and all we ask is for a $10 donation to the club to shoot on Sunday this way we can still raise a little money for the club at their expense if you’re good enough. 

If you have any questions, please contact Cornbread (gunner.mj@gmail.com) 913-244-4959 about the six stage shoot on Sunday or contact Reuben for the long range on Saturday (ggpolley1@gmail.com) 913-206-1644

Border Wars 2023 is scheduled for August 24th-26th.  Don’t forget to save the date on your calendar!

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